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AEG Affiliated Energy Group is a multi-faceted energy and financial services firm headquartered in Houston, TX. AEG offers a variety of energy-related financial and professional services for energy market participants in North American and global deregulated energy markets. AEG specializes in energy-related mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital transactions; wholesale supply and energy-related financings; retail and wholesale energy procurement for private and governmental concerns; regulatory and legislative services; expert witness services; electric power plant development services along with general professional services.

AEG energy procurement

AEG Affiliated Energy Group’s Mergers & Acquisitions Division. AEG Affiliated Energy Group harnesses unrivaled experience consummating, negotiating, and closing business combinations in the retail electricity and gas markets. With clients ranging from regional privately held ventures to multinational publicly traded utilities and conglomerates, nobody knows more than AEG about business combinations involving deregulated energy markets. Whether seeking qualified targets, full services in a company sale, or merely help with legwork during due diligence, AEG can help close the deal on optimal terms.

With team members who’ve founded and successfully sold Retail Energy Providers (ESCOs) themselves, AEG is skilled in overcoming regulatory and commercial hurdles through diplomacy, research, and regulatory and commercial risk assessment throughout the merger and acquisition process.  AEG pays attention to the details so that you can focus on the big picture.  AEG Affiliated Energy Group Financial, LLC. 


Energy Financing & Wholesale Procurement Division. AEG works with REPs (ESCOs) and wholesale suppliers with respect to wholesale energy procurement, hedging strategies, and methods to hedge ancillary services in addition to new nodal risks such as hub to zonal congestion.  AEG also specializes in advice pertaining to financing purchases of wholesale power.

Put AEG’s market knowledge to work for you, whether your preference is a fully customized lockbox arrangement collateralized using a special purpose entity, or whether your preference is to transact under the more standard ISDA Master Agreement or the EEI Master Power Purchase and Sale Agreement.  AEG’s experts have vast experience purchasing power that is unit-firm, system-firm, firm (no force majeure), firm power (LD), transmission contingent, firm transmission contingent-contract path, in addition to options and collars related to energy. 

AEG mergers, acquisitions and venture capital

Energy Procurement and Consulting for End Users Division. Contact us to find out why AEG has been retained by clients representing over 10,000,000,000 kWh of annual electricity load in Texas alone, ranging from industrial facilities to governmental end-users of energy. One key to negotiation is information, and retaining AEG gives you over a century of experience and vast levels of market data to help you reduce the margins of Retail Electric Providers, Gas Suppliers, and ESCOs.  With market experts including the former Chief Legal Counsel and co-founder of two electricity providers and a power development company, AEG also knows and understands regulatory and legal developments affecting energy markets, thus helping to protect you from being blindsided by new energy regulatory developments and hidden “pass through charges” increasing your price. AEG’s experts authored many of the initial forms of agreements used by electricity providers in today’s market; nobody knows more about how to negotiate, enforce, and appropriately revise such agreements.

In finding and negotiating the most favorable energy prices for commercial, industrial and governmental electricity customers, AEG knows how to make your “price” mean something. AEG will also work with you to keep energy providers from using rules and regulations outside of your contract to try to sneak in hidden terms, conditions, fees, “regulatory charges,” and rights to change prices. AEG’s services do not stop with energy procurement; AEG is also skilled at auditing invoices and in dispute resolution.


Consulting and Litigation Support Services to REPs and ESCOs. AEG’s experts have experience advising REPs and ESCOs with regard to a wide array of issues, including, among others, obtaining Certificates and Licenses, market-positioning, selling assets in light of regulatory constraints, regulatory and compliance matters, litigation support services, expert witness services, contract drafting, supply and credit procurement, and how best to provide power to commercial and residential customers.

Electric Power, Fuel and Biogas Development Division. AEG provides electric power and capacity development services, including, e.g., renewable, solar, biogas, and wind-power development. With other large energy companies choosing our group to develop and prospect their power generation projects and renewable energy and fuel projects, rest assured that AEG understands the energy markets from the top-down. In addition, if you are a land owner in North America who has been contacted by an energy company for participation in a solar, biogas, or wind-farm development, or have large tracts of land suitable for any such development, AEG can help you navigate leases, fees, and royalty agreements. AEG’s Team presently has several renewable energy and biogas projects presently underway.
Renewable Energy Division. Looking to invest in or develop green, renewable energy, or biogas? Is a green, clean fuel, or renewable project in your company’s or governmental agency’s best interest? With management-members who have engineered green electricity plants directly for electricity providers and investors, we know how to construct affordable green plans and projects for clients without unnecessary fees or delays.


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